Banned for no reason!

i took a 2 hr nap from my grind to comeback with a ban for botting or hacking! and now no one will talk to me i only get sent to terms page and other pages but yet no proof was give that i was cheating like what was said in my email…I HAVE NEVER CHEATED in wow, i have been putting in tickets about players and even a guild of players harassing me Literally changeing their guild name to my name to make fun of me and i get nothing but a 10 day wait time and nothing back! and now im banned?! i have been picked on and bullied and nothing but other bots are telling me its my fault! i dont know what to do!

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I see you double posted about your issue. I will move my reply to this topic, even though you posted about it in the API forum, the data interface for third party sites and apps.

To address these Saven:

  • PvP
    If you are on a PvP server other players can kill you, camp, you and never let you play. That is part of a PvP server and not considered harassment.

  • Language
    If you are experiencing language that violates the Code of Conduct please right click the line of text and report it. That also temp ignores the person for the rest of the game session. If you want to permanently ignore them, you can do that in your social menu. That ignores that char, and any of their other chars. If they try to get around Ignore, you can put in a ticket here on the website for Ongoing Harassment. Do NOT ever reply to them or let them bait you into breaking the rules yourself.

  • Banned for hacking/botting/cheating
    That means Blizzard detected something on your account that triggered the anti cheat flags. That can be any form of automation like macros made outside the game, scripting, cast sequence automation, terrain exploitation, exploiting bugs, etc. If you feel that was in error, your only option is to file an Appeal ticket. That is the only way Blizzard handles appeals. Posting on the forums will not accomplish anything in that matter.


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I’m in the same boat brother! Hang in there.
Just got my 15+ year account banned for no reason.

Let’s just wait it out, worse comes to worst we can just make another account and pray we don’t get banned again.

Although it would be nice to know why, so we can avoid it from happening again.

I’d stay away from that guild. Seem like a bunch of losers to me.