Ban wave suggestion

Hi Blizzard, the most recent ban wave happened sometime in Aug/Sept 22. I strongly suggest the team goes thru another round of ban wave as I’ve observed alot of unknown players carrying tier 3 wings in BG recently. I believe they must have thought the support is laying low and restarted all the illegal orbs.

On top of that, may I also suggest that all legendary gems obtained using illegal orbs be removed from the game? I know the buyer probably is an innocent party and should not be held accountable for that purchase. Fine, refund them the corresponding platinum and remove that gem from game. Note that the gems they are using was obtained via illegal means. It’s like someone purchasing a stolen phone (unknown to them) but when case rises, the police still have the authority to confiscate back the phone.

I think with this move, alot of whales will be affected but at this stage, they don’t even topup anymore. You may want to consider this move for a more balanced environment in DI.

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