Ban for (cheat and hacks)

It’s been 4 days since I was unfairly banned and I don’t know what to do, I’m trying to appeal or talk to real support but I never get a response.

The only way to appeal is via ticket. You will not get to debate your penalty with someone live. That is not something Blizzard does. Someone will verify that the penalty is backed by data and either uphold it or overturn it. They answer using a template that is standardized. Time for a reply depends on how long the queue is. If you got a ticket number then it was submitted correctly.

You can appeal until they tell you no more contact on that topic again.


How long does it take for the account to be unbanned since you get your ticket number?

It will only be unbanned if the GM sees that it is a mistake. If the data on the account supports the ban, it will be upheld.

Thanks, there is not a certain period of time as I understand.

IM in the same boat! I HAVE BEEN HARRASSED CONSTANTLY AND ALL I GET BACK IS, well that wow maybe not play on a pvp surver…ITS MY OWN FACTION MAKING FUN OF ME! and then i get banned for hacking or botting? thats crazy! i dont even know how to do that!

The AI program that deals with automated reports is bugged and can’t tell the difference between real reports and fake ones. Players are being banned for talking on chat or in bgs and not doing anything wrong, just having a general chat or even giving advice to other players.

I lost an account because the AI program banned it after I offered a free heirloom trinket (void shrouded satchel) on chat. Nobody at Blizzard responded, just the AI program.

Players are spamming false reports against other players and humans at Blizzard are not viewing the reports before the account is banned.

The AI software is banning people for no reason.

The AI software deals with the appeals by copying & pasting an automated response.

The AI software does not even understand what is written in appeals. I wrote “I love wow and thanks for making a great game” and got a copy & paste response saying their decision stands and check the code of conduct".

Nobody is reviewing these appeals anymore and Blizzard doesn’t care about their customers. If they did, they would actually have a human check every case before you get banned.

And Blizzard does nothing to those who make false reports even though the code of conduct specifically states it’s a breach of the code of conduct to make false reports.

On top of all this, the ticket system is bugged and any ticket I submit (regardless of what it’s about) goes to the appeal AI bot.