Ban by IP? CD key?

So I made the mistake of logging into too many characters within a short time with my PC. I got booted and wasn’t able to login after. Tried with a VPN and obviously that didn’t work and now understand how bad of a move that was. I opened up my laptop which used another CD key and I was able to get in. Waited 24 hours, tried with the PC again and still not able to. Laptop with the other CD key worked. Another 24 hours later, same problem. Today tried installing the 2nd CD key onto my PC and logging in, blocked. Tried to login with that CD key on my laptop and… blocked.

Ok. So I get that they can block IPs. I get that they can block CD keys. But how did they know my 2nd CD key was used on the PC that they blocked a few days ago with the 1st CD key? Both PC and laptop use the same IP address so I’m baffled how both were not instantly blocked and how putting the 2nd CD key on my PC got it blocked. Are they watching for network adapter mac addresses or something?

So, how long do I have to wait? Is there any point in asking Blizzard how long I need to wait and whether attempting “too early” is a problem? These temporary ban times are unclear to me. And if I buy a 3rd CD key and use on either of these machines, is it going to be instantly blocked because now my PC and laptop are “flagged” somehow? I have a few mules that will expire in 10 days so the potential 2 week wait is worrying me now.

Hey Tezeross,

You can submit a support ticket to get some info on the play restriction. They may not give anything on what caused it, but they can tell you how long it is and how much time is left. You can try including both CD keys/Bnet accounts in the ticket so they can maybe check them both in one shot.

You can use this ticket path for that. For the required files, just make blank txt files with the respective names.