Back button is need for the shop

If, for example, I’m browsing WoW mounts on the Blizzard shop and I click on a specific mount but then decide I want to look at a different mount, there does not currently appear to be a simple back button to bring me back to my place on the previous list. Instead I have to start again from the very beginning by going up to the top drop-down menu, selecting WoW, and then either scrolling all the way down to the mounts section or by clicking on the mounts sub-menu. If I’m browsing a number of items that might catch my eye and want to look at each more in-depth, it’s really frustrating to have to start each search from scratch which makes me want to give up after looking at 2 or 3 items.

Please add a simple back button that brings you back to your place on the previous list of items.


I’m glad it wasn’t just me missing the button! :joy:

(Agreed, please add one!)

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Just posted about this before seeing your thread too! The UI is so pretty, I don’t know how this basic feature has been left out…

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This is still a problem in 2020? By far the dumbest oversight. Put this in already, it cannot be difficult to implement.

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