Automatically Banned after purchase

I used to play D2 back in the day, and I bought a new cd key set for D2 and LOD this morning, since mine was in use. Made a new account and everything. I had to make a new email account just to satisfy the bnet regulations, since you can only have one copy of each game per account, per email. I downloaded the game, then I signed on and made an account and a character, then tried to join a game. It said new games couldn’t be made. I tried anyway, but it put me in line at like 150k. I looked it up and it seems like I’m in the middle of a 72 hour ban. How is this possible? It’s not fair that I should be able to spend the money on the game, the time to download it, and get hyped up just to find out I’m somehow preemptively sh*tlisted. I’ve read mentions of VPN use and things like that, and that’s obviously not the case here.

I submitted a trouble ticket two hours ago and have yet to receive any response. This is an absolute outrage. I feel as though I have been targeted by a faulty policy.

I understand that there are measures in place to combat bots and things, but I don’t care about that. Bots have been a fact of life in D2 since the beginning, and I wouldn’t even want to play without their help in providing items and runs to the community. We’ve all been in a Baalrun and nabbed that sweet drop just because the bot’s inventory was full, and that’s satisfying as hell.

If there are still anti-botting measures in place, I can almost guarantee they haven’t been updated or modernized to reflect modern computers’ faster processing and loading speed. My friends say they can join games in literally one second, and have gotten temporary realm down alerts just bouncing in and out of trade games.

I get that Bliz needs to meter their server usage (to avoid having to upgrade it) to provide a stable gaming experience for all, but that’s a huge cop-out for a company offering a 20-year-old game, unbundled, requiring two purchases and downloads, on what’s most likely a seriously inadequate server. Reading about the catastrophe in the Asian server merger, I can pretty much tell that those in control really don’t care about their player base or the quality of the services they provide, regardless of how a purchase should entitle the player.

I really am disgusted with the way this venture has turned out for me. Rather than playing with my buddies and enjoying a little nostalgia, I’m just learning about how corporate negligence has completely taken over what used to be my favorite game developer family.

Super bummed.

If this following was the case:
If you used your new cdkeys on the same ip and/or if you logged into accounts which had already been flagged (even if the flagging is months or years old), chances are that your new cdkeys and any new accounts were flagged, too.

Just wait out the time out and you will be good to go. All that I can add to that is if you or someone you know had used any of your accounts to bot or for any “illegal” activities, do not log into those accounts. Once your new cdkeys are released from the time out, create new accounts and have fun!


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I tried using my old keys, but it said they were in use. Obviously, someone else had gotten them using a keygen or something lame. The same thing happened to my brother. We both had to buy new keys, even though we both bought new digital keys in 2014. He’s able to play just fine, however. I tried reinstalling the entire thing to make absolutely sure it was using the new keys and that I hadn’t made a mistake, but it made no difference. Just more wasted time.

I will be requesting a refund. This is absurd. I should not be punished for someone else’s actions, nor should I fall victim to poor policy and user management. I’m absolutely staggered that something so simple has to be such a pain in the rear. Honestly, with all the posts about people being banned because they tried to log in on a hotel network, I’m amazed they haven’t taken a minute to disable these relic features, or at least alter them to allow the poor folks in quarantine or under stay-at-home orders to actually enjoy the product.

I can’t wait to finally get a response from support stating that I somehow deserved the ban and have no right to a refund. My lawyer has handled retailer/customer disputes for me before, and I’m sure he’d be happy to dig right into this one, albeit at my expense. Of course, we can probably get that worked out, as well.

I’m going through the exact same thing. Downloaded the game a few days ago after years and years of not playing. Auto banned the first time I tried to login to Unfortunately, I had a VPN running in the background, so I’m sure that’s why I was banned.
Blizzard responded to my support ticket the same day I posted it, which was great. They were able to confirm the temp. ban, but they could not say why or for how long.
I just wish blizzard would allow you to view some sort of timer for when the ban is over. I have no idea how long I’m banned for, and the idea that I just need to wait for some undetermined amount of time (I was simply told, “could be two weeks long”) is ridiculous.

Mine is the 72 hour restriction, judging by the other posts about temp bans. I never got a realm down or a connection error. I had to buy new keys, too, since my old digital keys were in use by who the hell knows who. So I made a new account, since you can only have one version of the keys per account, re-installed the game using the new keys, made an account in-game, made a character, tried to join a game, couldn’t, tried to make a game, and got the 250k second countdown. I never got booted or anything. It’s as if my keys were pre-emptively restricted.

It makes me wonder if Bliz is selling keys that were activiated before the time of purchase, which is illegal. I don’t know what’s up, but I don’t like it.

It is a bummer but you bought a single player game with with the “option” to go online if online is not working play SP till online is working you and your bud can play 2 player offline till b net decides to work

Blizzard has been a joke of a company for a long time now, about the time the Blizzard North crew left :thinking:

If you’re a legit player you will get screwed by Blizzard.

Only botters and cheaters have learned to circumvent Blizzard’s incompetence and now rule battle net. You’re better off playing single player/LAN

They have updated their servers to ban people. They are currently testing a remaster at Blizzard