Automated Sniping Bots? Here's How To Fight Back

With countless reports doing nothing I’ve decided to leave this code here to enable players all over on every server to protect their wares as they cross from faction to faction. As the title indicates, Blizzard has no f’s to give about their player base anymore, quite literally letting people get sniped by automated bots from a couple induvial people on Grobbulus. Between Trem/Molten (Officer in Mastermind horde/Nevermind Alliance) he bots frequently on every near 50/50 population server then proceeds to sell the profits online and to guildies on their Discord. Of course he isn’t the only one though. Then there is Swiftmends/Confirmation from Anarchy (horde) That do it as well or use to anyways in the late ends of TBC/early intro of WOTLK. With Blizzard’s mentally challenged reporting system, all the WRONG people get banned while all the GOLD SELLERS/BOTTERS get away scott free since they have multiple accounts to mass report with. So if you are currently on Grobbulus, Whitemane, Erectus, Sulfuras, Arugal, or even Benediction this posting is for you.

This leaves me with no other options but to leave the botting script/macros they use and post on here to assure that the poster’s have a fair chance at keeping their items. Hopefully some of these will help down the road since we can’t rely on Blizzard to be useful whatsoever. Better off doing it ourselves!

If you create a macro and download Tradeskillmaster (yes, setting it up on the website too helps a ton!) You can purchase your item with: /click TSMSniperBtn on that UI Black Box display. (Take note this method glitches out often after each purchase and will require a manual /reload before continuing)

To those who post multiple stacks I’d suggest downloading TSM as well with Auctioneer/(Auctionator?), this macro will enable the purchasing of items on that UI page: /click BrowseBuyoutButton
/click StaticPopup1Button1

Also with Auctioneer you can adjust the page to have a limiter as well a ‘right clicker’ to make the buying process go smoother since TSM has a tendency to glitch out after every purchase, needing a reload to continue. This only started to happen mid TBC, before then it was constant and would never defect. To enable the right clicking option, there should be a box at the top of the settings under Configurations and put in the limits and be sure to click the box that disables Bids toward the bottom)

Finally, the cherry on top is the macro recorder (legit called Macro Recorder) you need to pull all this off if you plan to use this offensively (or defensively if you have two accounts for your own transferring). Now logically, one would think that this type of behavior would result in a permaban but not according to Blizzard! One of their own Gamemasters is even using this method to bot/snipe going way back to Sulfuras during Classic. Even gloating right before I got banned in the past like he was the one that did it and had access to the proper software. (Highly suspected that I sniped his naxx chanted twink shoulders at the time so he was a salty one)

Heck, even a friend of mine was doing this method for 2 months fairly recently without a single heckle from Blizzard, no warning, no actions, no nothing! (The account isn’t even banned, it’s just idle from lack of game time and acquired more than 100k in less than 2 weeks) Get your s*** together Blizzard cause just like when you released Diablo Mobile, I wish I would’ve came up on stage and backhanded the entire lot of you disgraces right there and then.

Truthfully, fingers are crossed Blizzard actually does something instead of trying to side-step or beat around the bush. If any of you simple minded overpaid Blizzard employees want help doing your job, please feel free to contact me and I’ll take you morons back to school. (Literally just be able to mail things across faction to solve this problem but I guess you dimwits can’t figure that simple solution out now can ya’?)

So if you’ve been sniped, or care to really snipe and make some gold give the macros linked above a go and watch it flow on in! If Doodsridder/Biggamer/Tremb/Swiftmends/Glockzorz/ and multiple other’s can run their bots for 24/7 and not have any repercussions, let’s force Blizzard to fix this broken schlitz by doing it on a large scale.

It should be said too that I haven’t partaken in ‘sniping’ for a rather long time and the fact that it’s still a thing and going stronger than ever due to Blizzard’s lack of caring. Just knowing that you can’t do anything to get your items across safely is the biggest load of- and if they get botted the offender gets nothing, not even a slap on the wrist.

The majority of these addons have issues as well when it comes to baiting. If you spam 1copper items like mass arrows, starter food, etc, you can stop a right clicker or know immediately if there is one online. The same goes with TSM, you can glitch it out by posting a bait if they have an auto enabled. Be warned though, you will bring attention to yourself if you choose to bait. My advice is to bait, wait, and come back and see an hour or so later. Always. ALWAYS use /who Strangle /who Tanaris and /who Winterspring to keep eyes out on both factions without having to be present in that area (or layer). The other thing to take note of is that these addons typically won’t show just any postings, they have to be deals and good deals if that! (Typically under 50% margin) If you have a rare item please consider posting it for retail price or near it for maximum protection. Losing 15% compared to the item itself is a simple choice- Don’t be greedy and take the 15% loss. It’s not the end of the world.

There are more ways to do this using addons like Aux, Auctionator, and the biggest threat is Weakauras since the WoW UI itself doesn’t even have to be pulled up to snipe. So the offender can be raiding on his main, never paying attention on the spare account, only to load in after and see his mailbox is filled with sniped items… I think something really, desperately needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

…and if not… I think it’s time we all find a game that’ll take better care of their player base since Blizzard has once again left the whole lot of us out to dry and to be forgotten about. Simple as that.

PS: If you are interested in Blizzcon save your money. They cram so many people into the Anaheim facility you can’t even walk freely ANYWHERE… even outside in the gated area. Wanna stretch? Nah. Can’t do that either since the person in front of you and behind you are basically your conjoined twins from being so cramped together. Wanna leave the area to actually get some breathable space? Best be ready to wait in a hour long (minimum) line for reentry. Save your money and enjoy it. Don’t blow it on this dreadful deadbeat experience.

(This will be posted on other platforms to assure Blizzard can’t simply delete this and act like this kind of stuff isn’t happening constantly)

Hope this helps a couple or many of you out there!
Stay safe, be happy, and have a good one!