Authenticator undocumented requirement

After being unable to sort my authenticator for like a year now or almost that, and after a few tickets about it and as far as they told me blizzard does not know this so i guess i will put it here for people to consider as one of the reasons their authenticator dont work.

Authenticator cannot be a sim that has a group contract on. For example i have a family contract which says for every family member at X provider we get a discount. So even tho the number is still registered under my name, its a group contract there for blizzard does not accept those numbers even tho they have no idea what it is.

That is not accurate. Family plans are fine as a whole. It is what the number is flagged as that matters.

Setting up the Authenticator now requires setting up SMS service. To do that you need a phone number that is not VOIP and not flagged as pre-paid (burner phone). Some services like Cricket use a lot of numbers that are flagged that way so are not accepted by Blizzard’s system.

A family plan though, has nothing to do with it. I have a family plan and always have. My number works just fine with Blizzard’s system. That is because my number is flagged as a contract plan, not pre-paid.