Authenticator Setting Up

Been through normal support, suggested I come here. I’ve seen the other things people have done to fix it by hitting the back button to finish the process in the browser, but it will not work for me due to my phone provider not being accepted by Blizzard.

Is there any other way around this?

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Sadly no.

The Mobile Auth and SMS protect (mobile phone messaging service) used to be totally separate. So it was true that you did not need a phone number to use the Mobile Auth, just a device that could run it.

Recently that changed and you need an eligible phone number even for the Auth. This of course creates issues because pre-paid numbers, or VOIP numbers are not eligible. Worse, some numbers are flagged as pre-paid when they no longer are. Cricket seems to fall into that bucket a lot. Blizz cant change the flagging and the phone provider usually can’t either.

The keychain version of the Authenticator is no longer sold so that is not a work around either.

It means fewer people have access to the Mobile Auth now - and with the elimination of the keychain version, it is a step in the wrong direction for security accessibility - in my opinion.

They sent you to the forums because that is how Blizzard wants feedback and suggestions submitted. CS can’t serve as a vector for it.

Note: MVPs are other players not Blizzard employees. MVPs do not represent or speak for Blizzard.

I kind of assumed as much. Nothing worse than knowing your account isn’t as secure as it should be.