Authenticator removal time?

How long does it take for Blizzard to usualy remove an authenticator from a hacked account ?

I created a ticker 3 days ago and another 1 soon to be 2 days old and I still got no answer from them.

I’m incredibly surprised of how … bad the Customer services is today.

We can’t get in contact with anybody trough a Phone line anymore, and the Web chat is missing as well. Now it’s only trough a ticket system that forces you to go in completly blind…

I long for the old Days really.

Right now ticket times are around 7 days average. They have a HUGE backup right now. Under normal circumstances it would have been 24-48 hours. If you got a ticket ID for your first ticket, putting in a duplicate does not make things go faster.

Make sure you put all the info in the ticket that is require, including ID if requested. It normally is required.

WoW 7 days ?

What if the hacker start selling gold and my acount gets banned permanantly during that time?

This is an awefully long time :frowning:

That can happen, but Blizzard can restore the lost items/gold and can unban your account. Hopefully it won’t take that long, but it was best to warn you.

Well Thanks for letting me know Misscheetah. Really appreciate. I can now kinda relax a bit… but still 7 days is awfully long. What happend for this process that used to be much faster in the past reach this amount of required time ?