Authenticator removal requires Authenticator

Having extreme trouble trying to access my old battlenet account I haven’t used since not long after Diablo 3 came out. It’s even been hacked and returned to me during this period. I’ve given up a number of times to get it working again.
For some crazy reason the only way to disable authenticator is to use authenticator which is unhelpful at best when it’s been so long that the last time i had a functioning authenticator was at least 3 phones and 2 laptops ago.
To compound matters support seems to be adding the support request ticket to the account I can’t access so I can’t respond to their “we need to check you’re you” request even when I click the link in their email.
I’ve had to create this account from scratch so at least I can access support tickets.
So far blizzard is getting 5 facepalms out of 5 and they need to think of a better way for people to access their old accounts

Email is not means to respond to tickets. You have to use your website ticket. If you can’t re-open it, you would make a new ticket and reference the old ticket number then provide the info they asked for.

Taking security devices off the account is something they take serously. They don’t want to give some stranger access to your account.

There are two ways to remove an Auth yourself:

  • Having the current auth in your posession, such as the keychain one, that you want to remove and replace with a Mobile app version.
  • Having SMS Protect (text messaging) set up with Blizz for your current phone. That provides security alerts and lets you handle some security things yourself, like removing a lost or broken Auth.

If you don’t have those, you need to provide proof you are the account holder before they will remove an Auth, change the phone number, change the country, etc.

Reply to the actual web ticket with what they ask for, then they should be able to help you.

If you set up a new Mobile Auth (recommended) be sure to write down the Serial Number and Restore Code somewhere safe. That lets you re-install YOUR auth on any compatible device, or to re-install it after a software reset.

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I created a new account just to say WTF? I’ve made 3 support tickets in the last 11 days and never gotten a response, and you’re telling me it’s because I replied from my email? When they told me to send a reply, and there’s no mention of email not working, AND I CAN’T LOG IN so how am I supposed to reply to the ticket directly? Also, if replying on a ticket on their site was required, why would they not send a link to it in the email?

Obviously I’ll try again from this new account now, but this is the most frustrating experience ever, all because I lost a freaking keychain authenticator (presumably in my last move) that I hadn’t even thought about for years.

Edit: Nevermind! This account has no history, so I can’t answer all the history questions it asks before I’m even allowed to submit a freaking ticket.

And Blizzard has no live support anymore. I’m honestly feeling out of options - I’ve got a limited edition signed Diablo III poster hanging over my computer and I can’t even play Diablo III anymore. How insane.

If you replied to the “do not reply” email, then yes, that would be a reason why. You need to open the ticket back up and reply with what they asked, as best you can. If you can’t open that one, open a new one and put the old ticket number in it for reference. You can do that from this new account if you want. That makes it easier to track the tickets here on the website. Just be sure to tell them which account you need help accessing. (email, battletag).

Then tell them the answers for that account.

If you don’t have some of the info you can always submit your Govt Issued ID, I think.

They should be able to get you back in game as long as the account is registered in your legal name.

I have the same issue, quite frustrating to deal with.

Please address issue with my main account. Ticket ID US90926521 remove authenticator. For account with email address pathkutter @ hotmail. com going on 72 hours now. I have made new tickets and refrenced the ticket id.