Authenticator problem

Hi Team,

i have setup the blizzard authenticator in my account with my phone. If i login into my account it will ask for authentication code which is good.

But the problem is whenever i try to change email ID. its not prompting for authentication code. it will simply the change the email ID and ask for verification for new email ID. Which anyone(Hacker can achieve easily).

My question is: Why it is not prompting me for authentication code/email code on current email while changing the email ID.

it suppose to ask the code while changing email ID. its seems to be big security loop hole here in Blizzard account management.

Please solve this problem immediately.

Unlikely bro they will fix anything. And trust me, remove the authentication - read over this forums, it all nice and bell when works. When it doesn’t which you will see the never-end paradox of the failed 2FA method implement by Blizzard, good luck.