Authenticator problem

Let me start off by saying I’m a huge fan I’m almost 29 years old and have had a long journey with your titles, I’m also some one whom knows more about computers then most since my father was a military tech I got an early start, this being said I have a lot of respect for Blizzard.
now to the issue……

This authenticator business is making you titles not worth playing any more even when I take it off my account its still asks for authentication the whole reason why I tried this method is because my account info has changed one of witch is my phone number. you guys got security choking the life out of my game time people im spending more of my free time dealing with this thing than I am ACTULLY ENJOYING THE GAME I SPENT MONEY ON!!!

I’m a 90’s baby so I understand account hacking and all of that but how does that seem fair to the rest of us whom actually bust our rear’s earning what we got huh?

I do however have a code here,

Because when I try to get into the game it goes to game loading screen waits for about 15 seconds and then crashes. when I try to fix the issue I end up at the point where I’m needing either sms protect which is an old number or of course this blasted authenticator now I get the what it does what I don’t get however is why or how does the authenticator require its own authentication during the setup of the app on my phone for an authenticator that I just installed on my new phone

any way I don’t mean any of this in negative way I was just emphasizing how I felt, and please tell me that I’m not the only one facing this.