Authenticator not going through

Trying to merge the old app with the new one and having an issue.

Opened old app, prompted to DL app. Upon logging into, I am asked to authenticate. In the old app, I hate the ‘X’ in the corner (bringing up the old app functions) and proceed to authenticate and get confirmation. When I go back to the app, the 4 digit code is still present and it seems that the app is not moving on to authenticate, so I cant login.

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@Ahzrael Yeah. I’m having major issues with the desktop app AND BattleNet Authenticator app. Blizzard has stopped helping their customers for help with WOW, battlenet app, battlenet authenticator app. They won’t respond of Twitter DMs, InstaGram Dms, Facebook DMs. They stopped posting on Twitter. They have really stopped caring. Very bad customer service for Blizzard. They’re really declining :frowning: I can’t login into the Battlenet desktop app either. Just what the heck is going on over in Blizzard HQs in Irvine, California? o_O They’re gonna lose customers if customers can’t get through to Blizzard on Facebook, Twitter, or InstaGram -_-;