Authenticator Issues for a Friend


Friend has not been playing for a few months, health reasons.

She had to change phones, got a new one - did not transfer data from one to the other (dont ask me I dont know why.)

She is unable to log into game due to the fact she no longer has the phone with authenticator. So now she/we navigate Customer Support and end up in an endless loop for the same questions/options over and over.

She has sent ID, then requested a marriage cert cause her ID was different then her name on account. Currently in Limbo, no contact since then, over a week.

What is normal time frame for responding to issues like this, trying to avoid her buying the game again, and losing all collectibles from before (Headless Horseman mount is oneā€¦).

So some clear direction on what she should be doing would help. (Ive already read previous suggestions, and same damn loop, for past 2 weeks.)

Thanks for reading.

She should have gotten a reply in 24-72 hours, usually less though.

If she has not heard back then it is possible the ticket did not correctly submit. She should have gotten an email with a ticket number when she submitted it - if it went through correctly.

If she has to, have her re-submit. It can be done without logging in. Send both the ID and the Marriage cert.

When she does get it removed, she will want to put on another and be sure to write down the Restore Code and the Serial Number so she can put her exact one on other devices.

If you can post on it, there is a Blizzard Customer Support forum that serves as an Information Desk. They are not GMs, but very often can provide specific advice.

It requires a level 10 WoW char from the free version of WoW to post.
If she asks there, and gives a Character Name - Realm from her main account Blizz may be able to give her a status. They can use the charname-realm to look up her account without giving personal information.