Authenticator is too slow and does not work

By the time the login request appears on my mobile authenticator, the blizzard website at Login has refreshed itself, which makes my clicking ‘approve’ in the mobile app completely pointless.

It’s ridiculous that the login page refreshes after 2 seconds but it takes 3+ seconds for the login request to be received by my authenticator, thus rendering the authenticator completely pointless as it becomes unable to approve/reject any login requests in time. It’s as good as not having an authenticator.

Furthermore, the blizzard app doesn’t even trigger the authenticator. It simply fails instantly with the message “your login session has expired. please log in to again. BLZBNTBG80000023 (47)”

This is absurd and I have removed my authenticator as a result. After removing the authenticator I have had 0 problems with getting into my account.

What exactly is the point of this malfunctioning authentication app?