Authenticator infinite loop

Just updated my Desktop app and it asked me to update the EULA, which did not load correctly on my browser so it logged me out and forced me to use the Authenticator for the first time in several years.

Well to my surprise when I opened the Authenticator app it informs me, they no longer use the Blizzard authenticator stand-alone app and have integrated it into mobile app for “better security” and I need to log into that instead. Then it prompts me to log into the mobile app. I do so and then it prompts me to use my authenticator app which prompts me to use the login and over and over again.

I eventually had to remove my authenticator just to log in and reapply my authentication. This is a terrible design guys and according to the forums it’s been an issue since Nov’ 22. How is this still ongoing? Terrible design for users, like myself, who haven’t been prompted to use the authenticator in several years but are less capable of troubleshooting issues.