Authenticator doesn't work

When I try to log in to the blizzard website with an authenticator attached, after user/password I see a screen that shows the request is sent to authenticator, then the request shows up on my mobile (correctly), but the website immediately returns to the login/password screen and doesn’t wait any amount of time (<500 ms) before “timing out” on the authenticator request. Clicking approve on the request does nothing.

tldr; Can’t log in with an authenticator attached.

I have the latest mobile authenticator for Android (part of the app). I have unattached and re-attached the authenticator to the account a couple of times.

I have exactly the same problem
After attaching the authenticator I can’t login

Same issue here as well.

I “detached” an authenticator from my account, but the Android App still thinks I have one, but I get an error when I try to remove it from the app, so I cannot go through the process of adding it to my account again, because the website requires you to do it through the app.

I recently had my authenticator deactivated by someone I’m assuming hacked into my account. I was able to regain control but I can’t reactivate my authenticator. I have an android and I’ve reinstalled the Battlenet app about 4 times. Each time I launch the app, it just loads and says “still connecting”.