Authenticator and no access to my account in anything

This is the most cumbersome experience i have ever faced in any recovery process.

I have the old authenticator and for that I am denied access to:
Removing old authenticator
anything and everything.

So 4 days of trying and I finally get a ticket through after a loop in “removing authenticator” support link and the reply comes after i clearly said i cant access ticket … reply to ticket …

How will i reply if i cant access the ticket?
Same like remove authenticator then i get asked to authenticate using authenticator ???

No chat available or email.
This is a very cumbersome infinite loop of going in circles and not achieving anything.

I created a new account just to access the forums and try to see if there is any hope to access my old account.

This is a scam people. Nobody but Blizzard can help you regain account access. Never ever go to a website claiming it can.

Never fall for the websites that claim they can help.

Never ever give your account details or info to anyone except Blizzard. Blizzard will never ask you for your password either.

Sorry what are you talking about ???
What web site ??

I have the rest code of the old authenticator and i have my purchase proof as well.

Blizzard is asking question about wow when i want my diablo 3 account ???

Just a run around reply every single time.

The only person scammed is myself for trusting a company who wount even offwr solutions to a problem creates by changing their own authenticaor.

Just offer a way to restore account on the new authenticator