Auth Notification Sound Bug (Updated)

Hello there!
Since oct 12 update the Auth App Notification sound is changed:
Listen → Auth App - Notification Sound Error - YouTube
I do not know is this a bug or you guys changed it to this…but can you check it please? Thx!

Update: Tried with an other phone and that’s okay…so on my phone something is not okay…already tried with a factory reset, only Auth app is installed and still this sound. Any idea from someone? If I change to somethin else at the noti settings (some phone default or for my owns) those are okay, just the app default sound makes this.

Update2: My phone is a Nokia 5.4 Android 11. I check on an other Nokia 5.4 what has still Android 10 and there is okay. Updated to Android 11 and after that sound glitch appeared on that phone too. Now need to identify the source of the problem, the Android 11 or the Auth app.