Auction house API cross realm commodities

Hello, I would just like to put in small feedback.
With the corss faction commodities change, every realm gets a copy of all commodity listings.
That makes the realm data about 4 to 5 times bigger to download than before.
It is extremely inefficient and it would make more sense if we could request commodity data separately.

Please consider this, it would save a lot of network traffic.

Thank you.

edit: i’ve actually compared it a bit more thoroughly to data from before the cross realm commodities.
Auction file size used to be from 1mb on low pop servers to 6mb on high pop servers.
Now every single server is in the range of 26-28mb.

Even tho the API itself uses gzip encoding, it used to do that before too.
So yea this transfer amount is extremely noticeable :smiley:

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I agree. Now the data to process is too big, and since it’s the same data, it’s also a waste of time

Exacly my thoughts, i was trying to optimise my code to filter out duplicate auctionIDs, but even that takes memory and processing that would not be there otherwise.

This is a great idea :slight_smile:

Please see the official update here:

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