Attachments not working after update?

So after the update in call of duty modern warfare any classes I had that used sleight of hand the attachment doesn’t work it reloads the same as without sleight of hand, furthermore the Finn LMG adverse barrel which is suppose to make the fire rate increase doesn’t work at all these are the only ones I tried I haven’t tried other attachments yet any fixes?

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Same here, I’ve been using the finn a lot lately and easily noticed that something was wrong. Not only does the adverse barrel not increase fire rate, but even the advantage barrels don’t even reduce recoil. It’s as if there’s no barrel attachment equipped period. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one. Good to know I’m not losing my marbles. I just tested sleight of hand on my mp5 and that does not work either.

This forum is for issues installing Classic (old) Blizzard games like Diablo 2.

Blizzard does not make CoD - that is made by Activision. If you have issues with bugs in an Activision game you will have to use whatever means Activision provides to report bugs.

YES!!! But youre on the wrong forum…and website…and company…anyway, i cant post links, but i have 2 suggestions. One is to report the bug to bring more attention to it, the other is to like/view my post on the modernwarfare community. Its on the activision support website. Report the bug and search “adverse” in the community and my post will come up. The more views and likes, the more attention to fix this dumbass bug. Thanks