Assembly Blessings and other Frustrating Problems

Assembly is painful standing around trying to get a blessing, WHY cant this be like the warcheft’s blessing in wow where everyone in the room gets the blessing. Its horrible to wait and request blessings since people cant click on other’s or teleport out instead of giving blessings. Most people are AFK and its extremely annoying have to wait more then 10 minutes just for a blessing.

Pick Up Radius
Pick up radius is stupidly small and its frustrating and mind numbing when just trying to pick up

Bugs BUgs and more bugs.

Paragon tree cooldowns
Paragon tree cooldown doesn’t need to be in the game its stupid. Whoever came up with that needs to revaluate their life.

Set farming drop rate
Set farming drop rate is way too rare even on the weekly buff, you spend way too much time for nothing. For a Mobile game the battery will die before allot of people in my clan even get a set they need or a piece. Weeks of farming for nothing isn’t very motivating,