Asking for cdkey when i shouldn't need one

i bought wc3 reforged awhile ago and played wc3 classic on pc for months but now that i don’t have a pc and I’m trying to play on my mac it doesn’t give me the option to login to my acc it just asks for a cd key so after 3 days of getting frustrated uninstalling and reinstalling both the blizzard app and the game itself to no avail i decided to find a key generator and try it that way to witch your game said the cdkey was disabled witch was expected so if you don’t want your other mac users to go thru this problem and resort to unorthodox methods to play your classic game i suggest you update you mac installer when you guys get a chance… thanks sorry if this sounded rude but how would you feel after buying a game and the game not work haha no hard feelings from my side please fix asap or maybe it was a user error if so id love to know how to fix it thank you for your time and i hope whoever reading this is having a very good day.

Can’t remember where in the old Forum it is… There was a Thread with complete info. on how to remedy this situation. It was a Mac specific issue.

There IS a way to fix this. What I’d recommend is opening a trouble ticket to get official help. They should be able to walk you through the Mac fix on this CD Key issue. (It’s NOT just you.)


TimeLord04 is correct. This is a known bug with the Warcraft III installer for macs. Please submit a ticket and ask for help with the issue. If you provide your order number and we see that it’s successfully completed we should be able to provide you with the CD Key the installer asks for.