Armory does not update with new gear

What is happening:
The armory does not update any equipment when it is replaced. The error message says “Missing Equipment” even though a piece of gear is currently equipped in that slot.
What is expected to happen:
Loadout should reflect the gear that was previously saved and retain the previously saved information to allow the player to select the loadout even after obtaining new gear.
Reproducibility: Obtain and equip a new piece of equipment not loaded into an armory scheme and salvage the previously equipped and saved item.
Solutions: If the problem is that the system is looking for that exact piece of gear, add a checkbox that allows the user to disable that search for this loadout. Or have an “update” button that will add the current gear into that slot.
Previously dismissed Solutions: It doesn’t work that way, that is “by design”, that’s not a bug(Please move this to an appropriate channel if needed, there is no forum for “design oversights”, “Quality of life improvements”, or “Missed Opportunities”).

This problem causes the player to run back and forth from the Armory to the lettuce forge in order to update loadouts. If the player uses 5 loadouts they have to update each one individually and make that trip. If the player gets one new piece of equipment everyday, this becomes a daily chore. Thus reducing player quality of life exponentially based on time played.