Arena points not being awarded - WOTLK

So last week I played over 13 matches in arena’s, with a final rating of 1604, and a record of 9-4.
This Tuesday I received zero arena points. I made sure to confirm with my arena partner that we had met all the games and his stats showed the same… I also will confirm my character or any of my characters have NOT gone through any changes or realm transfers.

Blizzard in game or in-ticket with GM will only respond to me with an automated replies: “you must play 10 games or a character must not go through a transfer”. basically explaining how to get the points, rather than look into why my character didn’t receive any points following the parameters.

Any help and explanation please would be great


You could ask on the WoW forums…

This forum here is for technical support on Blizzard’s Legacy Games — old games such as Diablo II (2000) and the games included in the Blizzard Arcade Collection.

World of Warcraft (all versions) has its own forums, here:

You might want to try posting in the Customer Support category; the Blizzard reps there are not Game Masters but they can check your account and/or propose courses of action.

Good luck in your game.