Are the D2 Servers getting a D-Dos attack?

OK, so my game crashes around 12am EST I’m playing on US West Softcore Ladder though. I try to log back in, it says " Only one CD key can be used at a time"
I’m thinking what ? temp ban ? IDK so I wait 2 hours, try to log back in … same shizzle. OK, so I have other comps with their own keys, so I log in on one, I get into the account ( miracles happen sometimes ) LAWL … Try to make a game … Says you are 1453 in line to make a game, OK … let it run down, trys to make and fails, and no games are running to join. WTF is going on anyone know ?


They’ll probably tell us what happened after they fix it after an indeterminate amount of time… you know, because it’s really helpful to know what the problem WAS after it’s solved -_- Activision is great at after-the-fact apologies and no accountability, especially when it isn’t an obvious cash-cow game. It seems they will chose more money/saving face > customer communication every time.


Seems to be Just the LADDER servers. I can log into Reg Servers on West and East.
But of course on my main box the key I was playing on seems to be locked on, Like I’m still using it. So can’t get past that, on that comp anyway … Ugh.


I’ve waited in line from 1200 to 1, started a game, played for 2 min and got disconnected again. Now I’m just stuck waiting at #2 in line for hours. People are attacking the servers?


Ladder U.S. West…I’m monitoring D2 West tonight and cannot make a game. There are also no games showing up in the list.

Non-ladder West is working fine.


The Diablo 3 servers were getting a DDoS attack so I would assume D2 ones were as well.

Deja vu all over again. After the reset I was on USEast this happened on USEast, I moved over to USWest where there were no lines. Now it is on USWest. Not good.

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Any word when they are going to fix this ???