Apps Vs Easier Manageable Shopping

Being a WoW Veteran and paying for WOW and knowing WOW and Diablo 1 - 3 for years… And now playing Overwatch and Call of Duty. Would it be painful or hurtful to ask you to have a feature implemented.
By adding Back page arrow on Shop Tab Section. Except for payment areas.
Just to hit back button arrow to make it easier and seen able by people who have eyes issues (aka cant see tiny arrow).

It makes your app very easier to manage shopping…You have no idea how painful and stricken it is for me, or for anyone who come across it.

Why dont you shop right now on the PC app of Battle net and tell me how painful it is?
Just have to click and start all over again on categories? Remember NOT on the payment area
“etg; at this payment area; , hitting back arrow is not accessible during payment check out area. If you wish to cancel, please click cancel button”

If you wish to see example. try looking at Steam App, and Games Center also known as (my games) and also Xbox App/ or just even better… EA Associated Game App, and also Arc (not game Ark) Arc app) Tell me if they accessible and manageable.

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