Applying bug/uninstall issue-Overwatch 2

So my friend was trying to play OW2 a few days ago but the game kept telling her that it was “applying an update” even though she already had the game updated. We sat there for minutes but her screen would be stuck on that update screen until she closed the game. We tried to scan and repair her files but it would get stuck on 0%. We tried uninstalling OW but it would say “this program can’t run on this computer”. Since uninstalling on didn’t work we tried uninstalling through Windows’s add or remove programs app but that caused more issues. Now she can’t open She’s tried to reinstall but that doesn’t work either. The add or remove programs app says she still has but when she searches it up on the window’s search bar there’s no app. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Have you solved the problem? Cause I also met the problem and my downloading process was stuck in 45%