Apple Silicon Plans

Apple announced yesterday that they are transitioning from Intel to Apple Silicon. Im sure the Apple community here are very interested to know what Blizzards plans are for this.

Not a peep about Apple Silicon from Blizzard yet is a little disconcerting, but considering that WoW is using Metal, I’m at least a little hopeful that that will survive going forward. I can’t imagine the transition there would be extraordinarily complicated if the legwork has already been done on Metal support.

Starcraft 2 and Diablo III seem like games that will be able to exist fine under Rosetta 2, even with the performance hits, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for Diablo IV.

Really, really hoping that they do make this available on Mac. I’ve been playing and been a Diablo series fan since the beginning, playing D1 on a Power Macintosh G3 on MacOS 8. Today I’m on a Mini with an eGPU and play D3 regularly. I know I’m in a small minority and this is a business for Blizzard/Activision but I can hope right!