Apple Ipad Gen 9 10.2

Hi i recently purchased this apple ipad was running ios 16.6 i think not 17 yet i have comeplete crashes all the time entering and exiting dungeons same as raids and purges opening codex screen completing my beastity and just about every other function causes it to crash reinstalled many times lowered graphics tried repairs nothing works spoke to apple who told me to contact diablo immortal its kind of annoying this happening all the time anyone got any ideas

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I also have an iPad 9th gen running iOS 17.1 and have the exact same issues. Crashes are constant regardless of multiple client repairs and complete reinstalls. This is a common and frustrating issue that has been posted many times on this board. Unfortunately, you will get no response from Blizzard or assistance with this is even though the specs are well within their published requirements.

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Hey Icelander, I am glad you posted here too. I am interested in an official response:

iPad 9th Gen is 2 years old.
The SOC is A13 which is 2019.

The tablet has 3GB memory on board, and memory is my go to for system crashes. Often half of that goes to the operation system in daily use.

At least on my Android phones, running Immortal typically requires 1GB of memory, and does spike above that. If my assumptions are right, you may be hitting the threshold? I know Android doesn’t do well with resource management, I have no experience with the iPad.

I want to be wrong, since it’s a relatively new tablet. Maybe someone with Apple experience will post tips . I know Echogaming has had your symptoms midstream too?

Which you both luck

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