[App] Why isn't Diablo 2 listed there. #NeedLove4Diablo2


Diablo 2 is one of the Blizzard’s greatest creation!..until D3 came around & ruined the legacy… But either way, Blizzard, show some love to Diablo 2 LoD. Let alone you have abandoned the game all together, it is as if you are no longer treating D2 as your game. Game is still popular and thousands of live players are still playing the game. There are so many private communities out there with “updated” version of the game, simply because you haven’t delivered promised content. The game does not require much support at all. Dedicate 1-2 developers and it will suffice.

For crying out loud, they even got Actidump games on there!


Mainly because it doesn’t use the new Battle net API (AKA battle net 2.0), unlike every other game in there including the remasters.