App is not updating status of contacts, etc

Ever since the whole DDoS debacle, my app hasn’t been working properly.

The issues:

  1. Mobile app doesn’t ‘match’ the desktop app, especially in terms of my current status.
  2. I’m somehow “stuck” in away mode, I can’t change it.
  3. My favorites show offline (8-9 days), even though they were recently online and played D3 as recently as 6 hours ago.

What I’ve tried to fix the issue:

  1. Logged out of mobile app (iOS)
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled mobile app (iOS)
  3. Tried logging in through different methods, ie: actual blizzard login as well as linked apple and google logins.
  4. Tried logging out of and back into the desktop app. Note: The desktop app works fine.
  5. Made sure I wasn’t logged into mobile anywhere else.

At this point, I really have no idea how to fix this. If uninstallation did not work, it has to be something server side.

Any help would be appreciated.




I am experiencing the same issue, the app on my phone is not updating what people are doing. Sometimes it is, but not often enough. For example most of my friends are playing Overwatch: Competitive game - Ending, they’ve had that status for almost 2 days now… It shows people have been offline for weeks, even though they’re online quite often.

The app on computer is working fine, it’s only the app on my phone that’s lagging behind. If I change anything, for example I set my status to BUSY or OFFLINE… It will immediately update on my desktop, but the phone will still show me as green.

It’s weird, changing things in the app on my phone. The changes will show immediately on the dekstop, but not on my phone. Even though that’s where I changed my own status.

I’ve tried resetting the app and uninstalling it, reinstalling it from scratch but nothing helps for me either.

Same issue there, tried everything possible and still not working

Same issue, and following. Statuses appear correct and updated on desktop app but not mobile.

In my case (Android), attempts to set status in the mobile app result in no UI feedback whatsoever, as if nothing happened. But the status does change, as evidenced by changes reflecting on the desktop app and what others can see.

This has been fixed for me on Android (and my friends who are on iPhone) with the update that was issued on November the 17th