App constantly freezes, tries to connect to Cyberlink

My Battlenet client has been regularly, without fail, freezing for minutes at a time every time I want to perform any kind of action on it. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clicking on a tab (Games, Social, etc.)
  • Clicking on a game (Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, etc.)
  • Clicking the “Join voice chat” button in the “Social” tab.
  • Clicking the “Play” button on any game.
  • Restoring the client from tray.
  • Installing the client.

No, restarting does not fix the issue.
No, resetting the machine to system defaults does not fix the issue.
No, reinstalling both Windows and the client does not fix the issue.

So, what gives? I know you can’t answer that, so I did a ProcMon trace.

What is “ProcMon”?
Program by Microsoft guru that tells you EXACTLY what a process is doing.

lv;dr (Long version; Did read)
It is short for “Process Monitor” a program part of the “SysInternals” suite - a collection of diagnostic programs created by Mark Russinovich (a Microsoft employee and guru, I think he is one of the people who made Windows).
Process Monitor allows you to trace each and every action of a process. In details you cannot possibly imagine.

So, what did I find out?
For some reason your app is making TCP requests to “cap cyberlink com:1120” (can’t include links in my posts, THANKS BLIZZARD!) from a series of ports on my machine for minutes on end every time any action is performed. While I guess maybe you use cyberlink as a video player or whatever, I cannot fathom why you need to make thousands of requests every time.

I’d like to provide you with the aforementioned detailed trace, however I do not see an option to attach files to this topic and I’d prefer it wasn’t public, anyway. Even if it doesn’t contain any personal or system-specific information.

So, please. Help me.