API only working properly a small % of the time

lately there has been some major issues with 2 endpoints in particular



Starting with the profile one: It has been returning very incomplete lists of completed quests, the missing ones do stay consistently missing but whats missing is not always consistent

  • All world quests
  • All Bonus objectives EXCEPT for 4 (37479,37480, 37481,37482,)
  • Aprox 90% of unobtainable quests (examples: 5, 49865, 41778 and hundreds more)
  • Nearly all Vignettes and Tracking quests (working examples: 36294, 43566)
  • Dragonflight renown campaigns (example: 69888, 72379)

Additionally, Account wide quests such as pet battle quests incorrectly return in the complete list if they are active in your questlog

As for the game data endpoint, quite a bit has been going wrong with this one lately

  • Quests returning 404 (Same quests that dont show up in the profile endpoint return 404)

  • Quests being returned as is_daily: true and is_repeatable: true, Which isnt possible (example: 58127)

  • Quests being returned as is_daily: true when they are not daily (example: 64561)

  • Repeatable quests not being returned is_repeatable: true (example: 3861)

  • Important Requirements are almost always returned incomplete

                 * Min and Max rep requirements usually work (example of one that doesnt: 
                * Required completed and not completed prereq quests only works a very 
                    small amount of the time, about 8 out of quests between id 1-10000 
                     returned this
                 * Profession level requirements never show up (example: 54161)
                 * Shadowlands covenant quests don't return covenant as a requirement 
                      (example: 60898)
                  * Minimum renown level requirements do not return (example: 64462)
                 *  Completed Achievement Requirements do not show (example: 51484)

I tried to include every detail that could be relevant, but if there is anything I missed, Im happy to provide it, quests are a crucial aspect of the game so it is pretty important that the API for them works :slight_smile:

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Media Endpoints for most of WoW Classic and Retail are also broken too, all returning 404 errors even on the example api requests.