API docs page not updating request url properly

After the last update on the API docs page I noticed the Request URL field is not updating after the first request anymore, which may lead to some minor confusions if you copy/paste the generated URL.

As you can see in this image I first requested race id 2, then I requested race id 11.

Expected behavior: Request URL should update to https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/playable-race/11?namespace=static-us&locale=en_US&access_token= like before.

Actual behavior: Request URL remains https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/playable-race/2?namespace=static-us&locale=en_US&access_token=

Additional information:

  • No javascript errors on browser log
  • Tested in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Tested across multiple WoW endpoints