Any rune I have to actually equip then use will not work

towards the beginning of the the SOD release I went and got a rune on my shaman … needed to equip it and then get 10 stacks of poison, did that … went to click the rune and it just shows that there is a rune equipped … doesnt say what one and when I click on it NOTHING … Submitted help ticket … got told sorry best you can do is put in a bug report … MONTHS ago did that… no response no nothing … so I was able to go on and get runes you dont have to actually eqip … just hoped a fix would come … Every toon I have … weather it is new … new on a new server … never played before and nothing every one shows a rune equipped when I log in … not what rune, can not uneqip it … spent an hour getting Lava burst Rune tonight … get it … go to RFC equip it and jump in … get the stacks … jump out (I tried it BEFORE I equipped the rune and died before 1 tick) Jump out and again shows an equipped rune icon but not what rune and can not click it or unequipt it , nothing … This isn’t right … Something is wrong … I pay to play the game same as everyone else and all I get after taking my money is oh sorry tech can not help you and well bug reports don’t really get answered … This is unacceptable. I did try disabling and then actually deleting all my addons and nothing … Be happy to share screenshots showing the rune equipped if that could help figure it out

Hey friend, this forum is for the Bnet desktop app. You’ll want to use the WoW Classic Season of Discovery forums for this topic. And as a side note: Bug Reports only get responses when devs need more info from you. That has been the standard practice forever with Blizz and most other companies.