Any legit communities out there?

Just started playing again after several years. A quick Google search turned up a couple discord servers, but they don’t seem very active. Just looking for people to play with on East ladder

MetaDiablo is a fairly new and upcoming community. We have a Discord and a website.There is lots of work being done still so it’s actually fairly quiet. With fans like you though, we hope to make this community more active!

There are, but even inside of them there’s people who sneak in bots or something on the back end.

I just started few days ago too. But i started on us west.

Awesome thanks, Glyph. I joined!

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come play path of diablo instead of botnet!

Most of the players and “legit” communities still follow bots or use them in some way. People’s idea of “legit” is skewed to say the least. A lot of those people buy items here and there from cash sites and d2jsp as well, which is all fueled by bots. At some point or another you’ll run into bots and botted items/characters. It’s unavoidable due to the saturation of cheating that has gone on in Diablo II for almost 2 decades with out any serious measures to combat it.

Original Diablo 2 is still better than trash mods like path of dibbles though.

Try; The Amazon Basin.
It has been legitimate since day one.
Even Blizzard references them.
Check out their website.