Any dank finds this ladder for legit players?

Yeah I found a dead ladder season on day 2 after reset

Soj dropped on a 656 mf run

Anyone find anything significant since the last comment in the thread?

The Countess just dropped a sabre that has:

  1. 5% chance to cast Amp
  2. 40% Ias
  3. 2 max damage
  4. Fools
  5. 200% damage to demons
  6. 280 ar to demons
  7. 118% damage to undead
  8. 88 ar to undead.

Upped, it’ll be good for my rare only sword mastery/frenzy/double swing barbarian. With only 32 durability though it will get old fast in hell.

I mfd a soj in NM summoner XD

Wooohooooo happy days!

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Almost 1/25k odds. That is a great score from him.

Friend found a Perfect Griffin’s off Baal few days ago. 716 magic find drop.

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I just got a 6/11 Crescent Moon from normal Nihl quest. My barbarian is only clvl 36.