Any dank finds this ladder for legit players?


Topic says it all, anyone find anything nice this ladder, legit ofc?


its plagued by bots
probably only less than half are legit players


Found a Ber at shenk 3 weeks ago and a Ohm in cows yesterday :slight_smile: oh and a Sur Rune in wsk lvl3 about a week ago. I play a lot solo tho. My necro is lvl 95. No botting ofc.

Pretty lucky overall


Best items so far:
25 Maras
3 socket superior Mage Plate (15%/15%)

Unlucky on runes so far, Ist is my highest.

Lvl 91 Meteorb Sorc.


Maras cham and soj :smiley: dont go solo lets mf in priv games. All humans are welcome hmu if u are in


Godamn, yal alot better than I. Idk if I’m gonna start off with a barb ever again. Killing is sooooo slooooooooooooooowwwwwwww


Barbs are best endgame mfers… I made hdin then barb lol barb as first char is rough dude… once with gear they are awesome


A few vex’s in act 1
Best early game drop was my diablo quest 14/15 eth treks
I’ve found a few nice small charms.
Couple ohms


Barb mf user here with 982% if merc kills
got ohm vex ber ist mal sur cham, P valor +2, 2x maras 29 res, cant remember what else i got


@radio18 all you need its a oath or a botd and you are done
everything else wear upped MF items except helm who is a p topaz arreats


2 Aranich Mesh
2 eth armour and got 4 os on them

Damn… I must be playing incorrectly. I have been running WSK for weeks (but only 1-2 hours per day) with crappy results. Highest rune dropped was UM from a NM Shenk. Highest rune dropped in Hell WSK was KO.


About 4 weeks ago my ik Barb was clvl 93. My experience was 100% solo accumulated. I was running the RoF when a unique thunder maul dropped. I picked it up, went to town and put it in my stash unidentified. I returned to the RoF, finishing my game of running RoF, Chaos, Nihl, WSK 1,2,3 and Baal.

I didn’t want to id the maul because I believed it would be Earth Shifter, which I already had. I also fear that it would be The Cranium Basher. I’ve self found/made in the last 3 years, and holding on to on more than 20 mule accounts every set, rune, rune word and unique… except the TCB.

After the game I identified it. It was a 220 ed Cranium Basher. I made a public game and showed it off to anyone who wanted to see it. I later ran a few more games to move closer to soloing to clvl 94. It only takes about 40 solo runs to get to 94.

Anyway, I’ve not played since and I’ve sold my gaming computer. All my accounts are left to expire. I’ve moved on to a new hobby outside of the world of computers. I’ll check back once in a while to see what Blizzard does with this game, until then, Friends and Foes,

Endugu, BearTribe, AtomicPunk, CanisLupis.


People play legit ya right


im doing baal runs on my necro hes 98 and im legit too


when people like llama and other play “legit” day in and day out as literally a living and they barely have any “godly” items only proves being “legit” is pointless

it took him how many YEARS to finally find a good druid pelt? and even after X years his isnt even 1/2 as good as the ones botters find. his isnt even 2os (1 os pelts are basically junk on jsp)

we have seen humans play legit for years and hardly have any good items.

he doesnt even own a single 3/20/20 or any 40+ life skillers etc

why would anyone play legit when the drop rate for good items is so horrifically horrific???


Because then there’s an actual chance you find something that’s an upgrade for you?
If you are too bad of a player and need godly gear to play this game then by all means go buy from gear sites and waste money lol. You do you


I agree with this one.

It is good to kill mobs yourself and something drops and you get excited.

But at the other hand, when you trade something, you really don’t know what you are getting is legit or not.

For example, I have been trading away 40 Pgens for 1 Ist a few times recently, but how do I know if the Ist I am receiving is legit or duped or hacked or what not? I don’t…

But so far I had 0 runes above UM dropped (including Forge) for me since this season started, so without being able to find runes Ist or above myself, trading becomes my only viable option and I bear the consequences if whatever I am receiving may not be legit…


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I stopped playing ladder about a month ago but an eth 199% ed Skulders dropped the other day on single player. That garnered a fist pump.


Few days ago someone was bragging about soj and spider, some runes. Ondols Staff last night dropped at my feet. Was cool I just got a 9 exp anni now that staff. Its a sign! Exp and drop time! I killed Dclone last night first time in about 10 years :smiley: