Another season Ruined!

Before you even think to work on Diablo4 you must realize the importance of 2 NOT 3
1)item base(balanced/creative)
2)Class builds and combos!
3)trading(in game/outside economy)
4)cheating/bots(and why they do it)
5)Classic Bnet(and how it WAS at its prime)

This season is over already the bots run it and ruin the fun. they farm all the items and level to 99 without effort they do as they wish AND SELL THE ITEMS ONLINE to jsp and other websites.

now to topic 1-Item base/creative builds
rune words/sets and items that give skills in classes other then your own the balance of the items are so amazing and how you can find items that carry you to hell in the first few moments of playing in norm. people would even farm norm just for said mf gear. then you go to sets like ik or tal. and rune words like infinity or nigma.

topic 2 Classes/builds/class combos
most of the basic builds are needed for low gear such as Blizz sorc or java zon.
and some builds are op for certain runs like trap sin for Dkey farming. some are just plane fun but cost a lot such as wirlwind assassin or bear sorc. then comes the class combos mostly shining in reset night. we have so manny support roles such as Chant/Bo/Oak/ static/conviction and so on.

topic 3-Trading
most of the reason we farm every day and play together is because we want to build a class that we enjoy and its fun when we find the items and think how to use them but sadly with bots they have pickit. and are farming as they sleep sellin the items on the black market JSP and as they have bots running they troll post like this that speak against them. they use the money they get from jsp or other websites to make real profit. in exchange they ruin the economy for legit players.

bots will be trolling and runing games non-stop they have maphack and pickit and chicken so you cant kill them. i say make hostle outside of town a or give us 1 per day or something we want to kill these lame bots but we cant do anything about it and you sure arnt doing anything.

topic 5 Classic bnet
you know if this was back when blizzard north or classic bnet was up we would not be dealing with cheats. they log into the game personally and know who is what. they also are creative and passionate about the work they put into the game not some cooperate simple minded guy who just copys and paste then asks ‘dont you have phones’ no they take the time to CREATE a new type of play style and think of new ways to make it even better then before.

JSP and bots are only an issue if you contribute to them. I have always found self ran self found characters to be far more rewarding.

Welcome to botter net home of the jsp cheaters


I miss old Bnet. back in the day when they cared about us not our money. its like a STRONG neglect that we are doing 80% of their job for them by trying to motivate people to join or stay yet they give us no base to do it with I mean the fact that moded versions like Pod and others are MADE BY US because we want a bnet without bots is sad

As long as jsp and other 3rd party sights sell blizzards ip bots will never go away bc 90% of the player base thinks thay “own” ther accounts/gear/items when thay don’t everything on b net belongs to blizzard not the players and with d2 being a blizzard north game ther new tecs have no idea what ther doing with the games old code sadly bots will die when blizzard shuts down classic b net

If you fear so much of the bots get into speed running the bots have zero chance of getting to level at the times you can speed running. I run self found characters and never have a single concern about what other users are up to. Bots are only an issue if you allow them to be.

“Bots are only an issue if you allow them to be.”

Aside from them flooding the game with items that are supposed to be rare, they are swamping the servers causing lag spikes and high queue times. So yes, they are a problem whether you want them to be or not.


Don’t mind him he’s called easyluigi for a reason

yeeep bots are problem for greedy ppl who want sell their craps with massive oveprice on 3rd party forums/discords.
Im glad Classic Team let bots running, w/o bots this game will die very quick cuz is too f… old and has too outdated mechanics. Most player base play d2 to enjoy botting, bot-trading and pvp, mindless grind is outated and dumb nowadays, especially in short and not updated 20y old game LOL.

Still waiting for official autoplay feature in D2

If Blizz were to shut down bots the game would become far more populated. Botters and pvpers live in an echo chamber saying the same old things, but we all know for a fact when bot are shut down the game becomes more populated by legits. The reason the game is dead is because all the legits left because the game is overrun by bots. lol


How does that stop you from farming items yourself, trading with other players without using third party sites?
Maybe you wont get a spot on the ladder. Other than that, you can gear yourself just fine.

Do I want the bots gone? Sure.
Can they prevent you from playing and gearing yourself? No.

Unless you somehow believe, that only x amount of certain item drops during a season, and when the bots farm said item, it can no longer drop… which I doubt is the case.

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From my understanding, what upsets people is that they want a fair competitive environment where everyone is playing under the same conditions, so that the leaderboards actually shows the players who deserved to be there. I believe for a fair share of people who play online games, having a fair chance at claiming the title of top player is an important aspect of the fun.

I’m not a ladderer myself, but I can see how bots can ruin someone’s experience merely by existing and being active.

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I’d rather have 1-2K people without bots. My guess is you’ve never played the game without the help of bots, you’d be lost if the bots were permanently removed from the game.


One of the big things that I have yet to see covered about the bot ruining the game is that no one is going to play with other humans trying to make diablo or baal runs manually, as they will take far longer that a map-hacking bot. Sad as it is to say, any human trying to offer non-bot baal runs is going to end up playing alone, as everyone else with just jump on the boted run.

Any this will continue for as long as there are public bot games for people to join.

That is the real damage that bots do to bnet, not item trading or anything like that. Even making the actual ladder itself isn’t as destructive as providing an easier path that actually working together.

As long as quick and easy baal runs can be had, say goodbye to legit, human attempts as doing such public games…

And in a shameless plug, go read my thread about “the runs” that may offer a path forward for humans to compete with the bots, by eliminating all the time wasting that takes place right now for humans, and that the bots get around by hacking.

maybe u, but blizzard and majority of best d2 players dont :slight_smile:

All best knowledgable D2 players are PvPrs :smiley:

noob if u want “legit” just play patch traveler, speed run or holy grail!

D2 end game is trade and PvP.

You’re probably right. There are a lot of snowflakes these days… ActiBlizzion wants to make sure that everyone feels like a winner.


The genius of D2’s pvp players.

  1. Buy clvl 99 off botter.
  2. Buy botted and dupped gear.
  3. Enter normal act one and call people noobs.
  4. Enter blood moor and call out noob.
  5. Spam 2 skills.
  6. Collect ear.
  7. Call people names in forums for thinking this is laf.

As for the mindless grind you think happens, it just speaks of your mental states and the lack of understanding as to how your brain works and how to effectively use it. The end game grind isn’t mindless, it’s called Flow State and it is the most advance state of mental consciousness known to science and meditative practitioners. It’s been referred to as The Zone (sports), The Pocket (music), The Forever Place (standup comedy). Elite gamers are in this state. Cheaters cheat in an attempt to compete with these gamers.


Botters buy CD keys which profits D2. I don’t like bots as much as the next guy, We won’t win this fight its better to find your own way to enough it and stay far away from 3rd party sites.

@EasyLuigi and Komco you 2 are FULLOUT NOOBS. first of all i run a discord full of Legit players that hope every season the bots are banned so they can RACE to the top and have fun and not deal with bot games WE DONT NEED BOT BAALS OR ITEMS! we are good enough to farm it ourselvs and we enjoy making reset teams jumping in the discord chat after a long day of working and sharing that we found a Jah after a week of farming or a Shako that thrill is lost when bots already are in games with end game gear they woke up to or are level 99 in the first 2 weeks of the ladder