Another Ban?!?!?!

I just got done with a temporary ban on my desktop for using a VPN…lesson learned. I got an old laptop up and working and bought new keys for D2 and LOD. I tried to login at work, it wouldn’t let me on. Apparently non-residential ISP will get you banned…I bring home the laptop, try to login on my home wifi and it still won’t work. Now, neither one of my computers will login on my home wifi. Is it like a virus or something? I give up lol. I’m just gonna play single player. BNET is ridiculous.

Yup no vpns and no Business networks residential network only

Literally why I quit battle net. I don’t have a residential ISP, I use a business one at home, as I quite literally live in my office.

They do this so people using bots and stuff can’t just hide behind VPNs and commercial IP addresses. This is known, has been known, and was a big deal over a year ago.

I get it, but I’m confused why my laptop ended up getting my other computer banned. Is it based on IP, game code, internet server??

i had same thing 8 month still not on d2 and i even used my own hot spot

Doesn’t matter if you change computers, you’re still trying to use the same cd key or accounts that were flagged. You just have to wait for the ban to expire.

i had a blizzard tech log me in to the battle net it would not let me and banned
9 month still no login

Can I know where you work so I can play games instead of working too


so if your account is flagged as being 14 day banned, you can’t change your ip or cd key.

if you do, that ip or cd key will also get banned.

and yes, like everyone else here said, VPN and business networks will both get you a 14 day. you have to wait it out: blizz can’t reverse it.

Let’s just clarify here: Blizzard can reverse it, they just don’t care about you, don’t want to help you, and don’t deserve your business. There are a number of private servers that you can join (spoiler alert, these servers don’t have bots and don’t have to use an archaic IP flagging policy to do so, because their tech isn’t from the 90’s). I suggest you get off of Battle Net, join a third party server, and never give Blizzard another dime.


How can a VPN hide the fact, that you’re botting? It doesn’t make any sense.

If they detect, that you’re botting, they should be banning the CD key, not just the D2 account (as you can make many D2 accounts on the same CD key).
Hell, I would argue, that they should start banning the entire account for cheating and/or botting…

but again, how does VPN prevent them from banning the account? It doesn’t make any sense.
… unless they don’t scan your interactions with their servers, but instead Warden scans your PC and what you run on it, and VPN somehow prevents that… which shouldn’t be the case, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised.

The VPN block and the tight restrictions on joining and leaving games was implemented to curb spam bots. Blizzard doesn’t want players being redirected from Bnet onto other sites to buy their IP. Blizzard doesn’t care about player bots at all, if fact they are happy they are there because they increase keys sales, player counts and time spent on Bnet, which allows Blizz to paint a prettier picture to the investors.

Blizzard, along with the botters and hackers, is a 100% greedy, selfish and corrupt far left entity doing their part to work toward a blend of communism and fascism dystopia.


Look, VPNs and proxies = higher numbers of bots. Blizard monitors and blocks them on a regular basis to prevent Bnet from becomming its 2015’ish self where there were so many bots online at once that the servers lagged, you couldnt join games, and a billion other problems came about. The real question is WHY do YOU require a VPN? They are almost solely linked to nefarious gameplay. Some argue the places liek battleping help out, but it’s all really BS. You don’t need it and 99% of them time it’s better to just go ISP to Bnet.

Me personally? I don’t.

However, people with conection issues do. It solves plenty of issues for them.

But shouldn’t Blizzard be able to detect the “nefarious gameplay” on their end? VPN can’t really prevent them from figuring out, that someone is botting.
You see an account playing 24/7 (literally, just like some people do on D3)… perma ban the account!

One can certainly be using a VPN and not be a cheater / botter or whatever.

There’s more issues that can arise such as licensing issues, people playing from restricted locations and more. Point is nobody cares about VPNs expect the few still crying about getting banned for them. VPNs are bad for gaming.

lots of modern games ban VPNs, why is D2 so terrible for this?

Yeah, but how so? I really don’tget it.

You sound like a washed up Boomer.

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How can anyone know what something sounds like unless they’ve experienced it for them self?