And again new fair pvp

7 vs 8 and I lost points? Yes I know… now fair pvp in BG. But guys… I think - something is wrong :slight_smile:


I don’t know where you’re getting fair? I’ve been playing non-stop for two whole days now and the first match I had was fair other than that no. I wasn’t able to kill anything. I finished number five last season so I know that I’m pretty good at killing people, but that was ridiculous. Every single person on my team and the other team are whales, but I am not.

Im having the same issue. Im only 3200 res with attk at 18k. Im fighting Whales 7k res and nearly 24k attk. How is that fair and balanced? Blizzard you said the matches are equal, fair and balanced. My question to you is Where and How? Was someone on your team who makes the matches drunk, or high on something? You all need to get better organized in Fair matches. Do the right thing and give us a chance. I took a ss of a person persistant in targeting me with the res and damage i mentioned. No where available to add it for proof.

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They like to pretend that a wolf against four hamsters is fair. Just because the resonance adds up to the same amount. And I call bullshït on that. It’s not fair by any stretch of the imagination.

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