Am I temp Banned?

I’m stuck with the ‘You were disconnected from Please Reconnect’ message. I probably forgot to turn off my VPN before logging in a couple days ago.

From what i’ve read, first time offenses on this are longer than the expiry length on new characters. Is there any way to get it mitigated in time for me to go and poke my chars so they don’t expire? Its not like i was doing anything malicious… VPNs have plenty of legit uses, and I can’t imagine it’s uncommon to just forget to turn them off…?

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unfortunately you,ll have to ride it out 2 weeks is usual blizzard dont care .your right in saying its common but blizzard like to treat customers badly

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It seems pretty harsh to have the minimum punishment for something like this be longer than the expiry time on a character. For doing nothing actually wrong, i’ll lose a couple mules i hadn’t gotten around to perming yet.

you can use another ip to log in just make sure there is no vpn

“Am I” ? What , you think its best for you ? Go use confirmed an english !

Hey, ShuttleBus. It does appear that a temporary restriction was applied and will last through until August 21st.

It looks like a VPN was active at the time. With the game as old as it is, temporary restrictions cannot be removed.

This shouldn’t be true. The characters expire after 90 days and it should send an email if one is linked with the account when they are about to expire. Most temporary restrictions should be around 14 days or less.

New characters expire in 10 days. Once they’ve been ‘permed’ they last 90 days.

This is an excessively harsh penalty.


Your alternative would be to acquire a new IP address. While I trust that you’re likely a legitimate player, we do not remove these restrictions as they’re intended to protect the servers from exploitation. I totally get that more people are using VPNs these days due to work from home and such, but we’re not the place to go to suggest alternatives to these suspensions. We just handle the tech issue of you not being able to connect and inform you as best we can as to what was going on at the time. If you’d like to provide feedback, you can do so at #diablo-ii-general-discussion

There are work arounds, but since the restrictions are intentional we don’t walk you through it. For more information on the possibilities that may cause these types of restrictions, this article has more info.

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I think I’ve just been subjected to something similar :frowning:
I was creating my network settings for work, while also logged in on my desktop. Our whole family still plays d2. They are going to be gutted.

The age of a game should’t effect the quality of support.

Hey there,

I’ve edited my previous post to provide the correct avenue for feedback for this game. Best of luck to you and your family at any rate, and as previous, there is always the work around in getting your external IP address changed.