Allow us to edit comments at anytime in desktop app!

This pissed me off so much because there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’m sorry but I have a lot of hate. I can’t take it.

Your team NEVER responds in Starcraft forums and all in all I give your customer service like a 1/10.

Please listen,

Allow us to edit and delete comments (especially in group chat).

I am in a group advising strategy (which needs to be updated because it changes a lot) and I am constantly finding myself seeing (message deleted) → recopy → paste.

The group’s message window is cluttered up with, “message deleted.”

This wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t so many re-edits allowed.

Allow us to edit any comment we post at anytime!

We should be able to edit and delete any and all comments at anytime!!

F I hate you. I’m sorry but your ideas in the modern age are just terrible, lately.

Have a good day (ignoring my comment).

Thank you!