Allow Solo/Duo In Dungeons For Hell 2+ Difficulty

Hey Diablo Immortal Team,

This is a legitimate concern. Please allow us to play solo or at least duo in dungeons for Hell 2+ difficulty. I am in a server where there are few people. Don’t punish your players who play solo. I hope you could patch this ASAP because I am one of those solo players who have nothing to do since I reach higher paragon faster than most players in my server. Thank you.


Excellent idea. Me and my friend share the same thought for a while now. To few people, its very hard to find a party.

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I saw similar report in Diablo Immortal Facebook Group. The concern is legit. I think for these kinds of request/concern, there’s much more possibility that Blizzard would notice this in Forum rather than Facebook.

Yes, yes and triple yes. I hate this more than pay2win aspect here. The game forces to play in groups when I enjoy it most solo. I want to be able to do dungeons on H2+ solo.


please this is a must. so hard to find a party in my server.


Darth Microtransaction explained it really well on this Youtube video that this is an issue.


They need to make it like diablo 3 where you can search for party members but I agree we should not be forced to look for people when none are available. Of course, they will reduce drop rates even further because they like pissing off their players. I’ve already decided that I’m not purchasing the upcoming WOW expansion nor Diablo 4 due to this crap and what has been going on at the company this past couple years! But most due to how they have handled this game and not responding and fixing issues and these “micro” transactions…not micro!!

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agree they need to make solo or duo… 4 player is bad if you want to do it fast. waiting until someone join is taking long time.

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Especially valid if you are a new player doing H2 (soon H3 will be empty too) or leveling up an alt.

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Not to mention the fact that if you’re a Shadow it pretty much guarantees that every time you do a Contract you’re picking the Solo option, since otherwise you need a party of four just to complete the Dungeon Contract. Completely stupid and easily fixed.

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They did it! Thank you Blizzard for listening!

yes is nice now to do in duo…THANKS BLIZZ FOR THE FIX… :star_struck:

I am really glad for this fix as well more faster and more convenient

I agree, this is bad design. The server I am on, so many are 100+ paragon that maybe 2-3 times a day there is a Hell I group dungeon I can join. Why are you doing this, Blizzard?

This is not a good fix…dungeons still at 4 players damage level. Get it together Blizzard!!

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