Alliance & Horde playing together

I’m all for the developers coming up with new ideas to draw in new players to a game. However, I don’t agree with it when it completely destroys a certain aspect of a game that appeals to players who have been devoted to a game early on and for a very long time.

Releasing the ability for Horde and Alliance to play together destroys the interest in having classes on both factions and for players that devoted months into it if not years in progressing towards this goal. WoW has already made it 100x easier to level which I saw coming but the fact of merging factions is huge mistake as it is and was 1 of the most appealing aspects of the game, which is also what made the lore interesting. It would draw in people wanting to play both sides of the story. Combining factions will also take away the thrill of feeling dedicated to 1 side and instead make you feel like “who cares”.

With all that said the simple fact is that dedicated players are getting royally screwed with the merging of factions and their time is being shown as not important. If Blizzard moves forward with the merging of Alliance and Horde there needs to be some type of reciprocation that will make it worthwhile to play a class on both factions.

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