All Realms Down

Just filling the the void… Blizz… whats happening here?

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they have forgotten us it seems ;’(

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i think that the 1 Guy left maintainig the Servers is doing his best <3


Funny thing it only seems to affect west coast servers east seems to be just fine…Unfortunately my still active accounts are all the west coast :frowning:

I went to bed and got back up - apparently sometime around 4pm PDT yesterday all Realms got fixed.

im in in east and i have no server either.

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I wonder how many people who still had accounts or toons will still have any by the time comes back online IF it ever does and whether it being offline is deliberate?

The general issue of all the realms being down was resolved a few days ago.

If you are unable to connect to any of the realms, you may be under a temporary play restriction.

I find it interesting and suspicious that after starting work onDiablo II Resurrected that Diablo II’s servers start having more and more issues until they finally seemingly go down for good yup Very Suspicious

No need to post this twice, TheGreyDeath. Especially seeing that I just said above that the issue was resolved several days ago.

As for the D2 servers having more issues since announcement of D2R, it’s not suspicious or even surprising. It’s very likely that a large part of the D2 resources are being focused on D2R’s development right now.