All clans on deck - reset today

Today the “All clans on deck” event was reset! Please restore the earned tasks, because I have a new clan and it took me some time. Tomorrow there are prizes to be collected and I’m afraid I won’t have time to do the tasks.

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And the reset was reported 12 hours ago…

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The “all clans on deck” is not only reset.
The tier counter is not working any more.


Just wanted to follow up on this thread. This issue was just a UI bug that created a delay. The team already pushed a hotfix that should have resolved this.

Thank you.

The same thing happened today!!! Reset event: Itharael server

This issue has happened again following the reset of the reign. Is it another interface issue?

It didn’t work or it re-occurred.

I am solo clan and got to 5000 ish kills and I’ve been reset