All characters wiped

Well October 11 started out a day like any other……a sleepy tired Diablo 2 addict, rolled out of bed at 630 CST and booted up his console to do a few MF runs before his daughter woke up….however today was going to be a day like no other. The server crashed for the 11th time this week, and the hero decided to buy Diablo 2 for switch, after he’s already bought it for PC and Xbox to carry on his addiction when servers came back online. Well long story short the hero had lots of sh** to do and couldn’t get back on until about 6pm. He logs in on his connected switch, and lo and behold all his characters are missing. The hero read you should create a new character and it sometimes brings your characters back. Well this was not the case. The characters are completely gone. He tried loading up on his Xbox in case they showed up there. Alas just the new character that was created is showing up. Now the majority of the characters he had were low level and were holding items for the characters to use when they leveled up. But the one that’s missing and hurts the most was his level 85 hammerdin with maxed res, and 250 MF. Who just found a Jah on the 10th and was saving it for his life goal of getting an enigma……yet the cruel, soulless, leadership at blizzard decided to screw the pooch with the servers….and the end result was hours of playtime and more than a few nights of sleep sacrificed. The hero got pissed off with blizzard, as he has put at least 200$ into this game, and his loyalty got rewarded with all his characters deleted courtesy of blizzards ineptitude. If they can’t restore my characters, I demand satisfactory compensation of some kind. I won’t ask for much. Maybe a couple free items for my next pally our hero has to make. But let’s see what the blizzard crew can do first. Will they do the right thing? Or the easy thing? Stay tuned for the resolution. Also if they do nothing and can’t restore my characters, I will curse them for eternity and will never support them again or any business they are attached to. That is my promise.


lol @ “I demand satisfactory compensation”

good luck tho that sucks